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Cotton yarn is the best choice for weaving yarn

2017-07-20 09:48:27 Jiaxing Youxuan Non-woven Co., Ltd. Read

Cotton yarn can be used as woven, knitted yarn can also be used as, especially combed yarn can be used in the production of high quality textiles, such as high-grade T-shirts, fine poplin, cotton yarn can also produce special industrial electrician Huang La cloth, tire cord, high-speed sewing and embroidery line line etc.. Woven yarn is the yarn used for shuttle looms. For conventional pure cotton or blended yarns, more than 60 knitting and woven yarns can be used in general, and knitting yarns and woven yarns of less than 60 feet are mainly different in twist.

Cotton yarn is a yarn made from spinning process of cotton fiber. It is called cotton thread after joint processing. According to the spinning process, they can be divided into combed yarn and combed yarn.

Carded yarn is a yarn made of cotton fiber by ordinary spinning system. Combed yarns are yarns made from combed cotton fibers. The combed yarn is made of high quality raw material. The yarn is made up of parallel fiber, little impurity, good luster, even evenness and high strength. This kind of cotton yarn is mostly used for weaving high grade fabric.

The use of cotton yarn is very extensive, and more and more popular with everyone, the market prospect of cotton yarn is also more and more broad.