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The difference between linen and linen

2017-07-20 09:49:07 Jiaxing Youxuan Non-woven Co., Ltd. Read

First let's look at what are the properties of flax yarn, flax fiber is the earliest human use of natural fiber, plant fiber bundle is the only natural fiber, with natural spindle shaped structure and unique bias hole of pectin, excellent moisture absorption and air permeability, antiseptic, antibacterial, low static etc. the resulting characteristics, the flax fabric can become natural breathing fabric, known as "fiber queen". Under normal temperature, wearing linen clothing can make the body temperature drop 4 degrees - 5 degrees, so flax is also known as "natural air-conditioning" reputation. Because flax is a kind of rare natural fiber, only 1.5% of natural fiber, so the price of linen products is relatively expensive, and become a symbol of status and status abroad.

The imitation linen is made of rayon and nylon with a certain process, quality characteristics of the maximum reduction of flax yarn has the characteristics of this product, although not completely with the flax yarn, but compared to the expensive price of flax yarn, linen yarn imitation is far less than the price of flax yarn, more can benefit from the public consumers, more close to the people. This has just been pushed out of the market, it has been very good recognition and love. A garment made from linen yarn containing nylon fibers that give the finished product a certain degree of tension and shrinkage.